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Privacy policy and personal data protection statement

In accordance with provisions stipulated by the law, the City of Dubrovnik undertakes to provide the buyers of the Voucher for Stopping and Parking in the Special Traffic Regulation Zone (hereinafter: Voucher) with privacy and personal data protection. During the buying process only basic information necessary to complete the purchase is collected. All the buyers' personal data is securely stored and is available only to employees who need it within the scope of their job. All employees and business partners are responsible for respecting the privacy and personal data protection principles and no promotional or marketing content shall be sent to buyers without their explicit consent.

Buying process

In order to complete a purchase or send an inquiry using this website, the user, i.e. buyer enters information necessary for the buying process. During this process the user is asked to enter contact information (email address - obligatory, company information - optional). This data is used to contact the buyer when replying to questions sent through our website and to ensure the buyer's privacy when verifying the purchase and entering or changing information. The user, i.e. buyer, can send an inquiry without including any information except for a valid email address.


Credit card payments are made using the WebPay service, one of the leading systems in the credit card industry. The secrecy of your data is guaranteed and ensured by using SSL encryption. The online payment website is secured using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol with 128/256-bit data encryption. SSL encryption is a data encryption procedure which prevents unauthorized access when information is transmitted. This ensures secure information transmission and prevents unauthorized access to data during the communication between your computer and the WebPay service and vice versa. The WebPay service and credit card companies exchange information using a virtual private network (VPN), which is protected against unauthorized access. Credit card numbers are not stored and are not available to unauthorized individuals.


This website may contain links to other Internet pages. We kindly ask you to bear in mind that the City of Dubrovnik cannot be held responsible for the respect of privacy on the aforementioned Internet pages. Our buyers are encouraged to read all the privacy statements of each website that collects personal data. This privacy statement is applicable exclusively to the data collected on the website.

Personal data collection and processing

During the Voucher buying process, i.e. during the processing of the selected service and in order to provide you with information regarding your purchase, only the data which you explicitly provide us with shall be used. We shall not sell, share or give any of your information to third parties in any way not mentioned in this Statement.

The City of Dubrovnik collects personal data and can use it to provide support to buyers and to answer their inquiries and address their complaints.

Which data is collected

Personal information: e-mail (obligatory), company information (optional) – company name, VAT/tax number, address, city, post code, country) and license plate number and country of origin of the vehicle the service will be used for.

Why data is collected

To buy the Voucher – to process your purchase.

Transfer to third parties

Personal data can be transferred to third parties, under the condition that there is a legal basis for the transfer.

How long we keep your data 

Personal data is stored and processed only for as long as it is necessary for the service to be completed. Personal data which is no longer necessary is either irrevocably anonymized or securely destroyed.

Web shop

Access to the web shop, i.e. online shopping is possible by using the address The data which the user enters during the buying process is stored on the data centre servers and in the business application which can only be accessed by employees of the department who have the access codes for the business application. The City of Dubrovnik hereby informs the buyers that credit card information or any information of that kind is not stored on the website, but rather on the secured website owned by Webteh d.o.o. (WebPay service) where everything is encrypted and the City of Dubrovnik as a company cannot see the information in its original form. As a user, i.e. buyer, you may decide to store information permanently on the payment service website, but this data is not located on our servers nor inside our software. We strongly advise you to acquaint yourself with the ways these websites process and store this kind of personal information.

Where personal data is stored

The City of Dubrovnik uses software by the RAO d.o.o., Bužanova 3, Zagreb; a company which keeps its servers in the Republic of Croatia, in a professional data centre with all the necessary security features (ISO 7001).

The right to erasure of personal data

The user i.e. the buyer of the Voucher has the right to require their personal data to be erased at any given moment. This can be done by sending a request to and the data will be erased without delay unless there is a legal obligation to store the data, a legitimate interest and a basis for establishing your legal rights. We will be able to provide you with feedback on your request only if the request was made from an active email address which has been recorded in our business software. The information in the body of the email must be correct (name and surname) for us to be able to protect your personal data from being exposed to a third party.

The right to object

If, despite all the precautions taken in order to protect personal data, you believe there is ground for objection, we kindly ask you to notify us by writing to Besides filing a complaint to the City of Dubrovnik, you can also file one to the Personal Data Protection Agency.

The City of Dubrovnik reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Protection Statement by publishing the amended text of the Statement on the website and the mobile version of the website. The City of Dubrovnik hereby encourages each Voucher buyer to read this Statement before making a purchase. If the user does not agree with this Privacy Statement, we advise them to leave the website and not to use either the desktop or the mobile version of the site. This Privacy Statement shall enter into force immediately after its publication on the website and the mobile version thereof. By continuing to use this website, the user confirms and agrees to this Privacy Statement.

The decisions of the City of Dubrovnik and their amendments can be found on the following link:


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